Case Manager Support

Citizens of Maine, LLC understands the intense, substantial tasks a Case Manager carries with managing large caseloads. Our goal is to ease that load with all a Case Manager needs with the click of a mouse, a helpful hand with the process of obtaining member support services, and ongoing support to maintain a successful program.

High Performance Standards

Citizens of Maine, LLC works with State ISCs and Community Case Managers to maintain the highest quality support possible. For the initial support service search, we provide easy to print or forward service descriptions for all the services Citizens of Maine offers. It's important for members and families to make well-informed decisions and we want to arm them with the information they need to make that crucial decision. We offer flexibility when scheduling tours and meetings to discuss our services. We will even schedule outside of regular business hours and on weekends and facilitate all aspects of a meeting on behalf of the case manager. We will develop and write thorough and complete service proposals for submission for funding authorizations for MaineCare waiver sections 20, 21, and 29. We develop and input goals in accordance with the State requirements for Annual PCPs into EIS prior to the expected deadline. We provide case managers with accurate, thorough updates on all crucial information needed to update EIS. Case Managers won't need to 'wait' for information. We complete all necessary information required of APS and correlate the goals between APS and the PCP process, including 90-day reviews for all service areas. We can host any and all meetings, whether annual, special, emergency, formal, or informal. We have the ability to accommodate a large number of people and can include individuals on speakerphone. Communication is key and we assure open, honest, and straightforward communication. Communication can occur through a variety of mediums including phone, fax, email, text, Facebook, website, and we provide Case Managers with a direct phone line for access to someone 24 hours a day. We will relieve Case Managers of the task of locating, scheduling, and initiating new services for individuals and complete those tasks for them including waiver services, medical services, mental health, employment, financial services, and others.

Always Willing to Assist

We are available, willing, and eager to assist a Case Manager in advocating for an individual or enhancing their support program. In most cases, we are never asked to do something since we've most likely already offered it.