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In Home Support

The Citizens of Maine In-Home Support program is the least restrictive residential model, designed to provide limited levels of support to an individual. Some individuals are living in their own apartments or with a relative or spouse, and need assistance with some, all, or a combination of tasks such as grocery shopping, banking, running errands, cleaning, cooking, laundry, medical appointments, or attending social events. Some individuals live with their families and have greater needs, but these needs are being met by the family, so occasional assistance is needed to teach new skills and promote greater independence.

Support Based on the Individual

In any situation, the support required is less than the 24/7 coverage needed for a Group Home or Shared Living residential model. In most cases, the support hours required range from 10 to 40 hours a week, although they can be needed outside that range. In-Home Support can provide that additional level of support needed to help the family continue to support the individual so they can remain in the family home, or assist an individual in successfully maintaining independent living. In-Home Support schedules are created based on the need of the individual, as determined by the required tasks necessitating assistance, such as those listed above. The schedule can vary by day and include morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend assistance, fully dependent on the needs of the individual. Citizens of Maine is one among a very limited number of agencies providing this level of residential support. Our high quality of care and support with this program isn't scaled back because of the size of the program but instead rivals all of our programs. The In-Home Support program is aimed at keeping individuals in the least restrictive environment possible. We always say our job is to put ourselves out of a job, to support individuals to a point where they no longer need us for support. The In-Home Support program is the closest thing to achieving that ideal.

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We encourage anyone in need of In-Home Support, or those who want to learn more about it, to schedule a time to sit down with us and discuss your situation or that of your loved one. In-Home Support is a residential program offered to individuals receiving MaineCare through Sections 20, 21, and 29 waiver programs.