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Group Home Program

Citizens of Maine offers a high-quality residential option with the Group Home Program. The term Group Home can be deceiving, in that the perception of a group home is institutional, crowded, and unwelcoming. Our homes are not like that at all. Instead, you'll find our homes quaint, warm, inviting, spacious, and reflect the common theme throughout the entire agency of unparalleled quality of care. Our homes house no more than two individuals per residential site. Staff support is provided around the clock to assist each individual in their own home.

Assistance & Independence

Support is provided based on each individual's needs, and remarkable attention is given to allow each resident ownership and pride in their home. Our support staff is a guest in the house. We charge each resident with the dignity and respect of living independently as they are capable of living. Group Home residences can provide a level and standard of living that reflects any citizen living on their own, but with the added security and surety of available staff assistance as needed. These homes can also provide a higher, more frequent support level that is reflective of a medical facility but with the added warmth and luxury of a household. Staff support in a Group Home is provided 24/7 and on a rotating shift schedule, which allows an individual to see a fresh face, learn different skills and interests from various people, and find more opportunities to develop compatible relationships that could last for years or a lifetime. Our Group Homes excel by the simple fact that we have heard it repeatedly said that they want their "own place," and we listened! Each home is created with the pairing of two individuals who can cohabitate in harmony, and they are each given their own say to decorate as they desire, create menus and dishes of their liking, and be hosts to their guests.

Come for a Tour

With the permission of the residents, we are happy to provide tours of our group homes for individuals seeking a Group Home residential model with Citizens of Maine. A tour will illustrate our strong sense of family at work. We pride ourselves on creating a family-oriented atmosphere teeming with the support of the residents we serve and their families. A Group Home is a residential program offered to individuals receiving MaineCare through Section 20 and 21 waiver programs.