Title: DSP 2 (Journeyman), Lead or Responsible DSP

Department: Residential Services

Classification: Full Time

Job Summary:

All the required duties of a DSP 1 (Apprentice) plus member specific comprehensive oversight of all direct care, medical care, ADL care, IADL care, implementation and follow through on all personal and service goals, coordination with the team of DSPs also supporting the member, and as the point of contact for all member services.

Reports to/supervised by:

House Manager

Education and qualifications:

  1. Must have all required certifications; DSP from the College of Direct Support, CRMA, First Aid/CPR/AED.
  2. Two years of formal education or four years experience or a combination of both totaling four years, as determined by the Director.
  3. Must be able to interact professionally with all other DSPs, peers and co-workers, guardians, case managers, medical providers, and especially members.
  4. Must be able to adhere to all policies and procedures of Citizens of Maine without deviation.

Physical Demands:

  1. Must have the ability to walk, squat, kneel, bend, lift up to 50 pounds, and implement CPR when needed
  2. Must be able to endure physical activity for long periods of time
  3. Must be able to implement the concept of community inclusion (swimming, participating in sporting events, being involved in physical outings)
  4. Must be able to remain calm in stressful situations
  5. Must be able to model all aspects of the required care for a member with 100% accuracy and integrity at all times.

Work Hours:

This is a 40 hour position with work hours conducted at the direction of the House Manager and Director of Residential Support.

Work Environment:

The DSP 2 must have the ability to work in the residential group home as well as outside the home in all areas of the community. There is a possibility of strain or injury from interacting with the members in both settings.


Includes all of the DSP 1 responsibilities and accountabilities plus

  1. Acts as a good role model for all DSPs
  2. Provides immediate direction and clarification for peers and co-workers
  3. Ensures member personal goals and service goals are addressed and worked on regularly
  4. Completes 30 day reviews for member personal goals and service goals
  5. Schedules and attends all member medical appointments, and ensures follow up care is completed
  6. Ensures all appointments, activities, and other are documented on the calendar
  7. Ensures the member’s dietary needs, restrictions, choices, and preferences are being met by the residential group home
  8. Ensures member medication is ordered, in stock, up to date, and administered properly every single time
  9. Ensures the MAR is completed prior to the start of a new month, this includes the required double check by another CRMA
  10. Ensures the member has adequate spending money for all purchases prior to an event
  11. Researches, plans and schedules activities and events with the member which provide access to opportunities of interest, progress towards goals, community integration, and personal development.
  12. Ensure members are prepared for all events and activities outside the residential group home, including but not limited to day program, family visits, meetings, outings, appointments, shopping, etc.
  13. Ensures all daily documentation is completed to COM standards and accurately reflects member support, summary of daily activities, progress on goals, contact, choice provided, and refusals.

Specific Work Skills:


Includes all of the DSP 1 relationship work skills plus

  1. The ability to develop and maintain an appropriate work relationship with medical providers, day program providers, family, guardian, case manager, correspondent, and others as needed.


Monthly evaluations are conducted in the format of an initial Fireside Chat, done after 30 days, and ongoing Fireside Chats monthly after that. These meetings will consist of feedback regarding job success, training needs, work performance improvement, and goal setting. An annual performance evaluation will done and reflect the Fireside Chats.


I have read the above job description, have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding content and meaning, and understand the requirements. I further understand that changes in Maine Care and/or other regulations will result in changes in this job description.

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